Monday, April 27, 2015

The Mad Men Reading Challenge Details

  1. ENJOY. 
  2. Pick books from the NYPL list here and here and here.
  3. Read the book or listen to the audiobook.
  4. Write a review. (Add the graphic from this post to your write-up.)
  5. If you select books that weren't read on the Mad Men show, but were published (or were popular) during 1960 - 1968, just make a note of it in your post.
  6. Feel free to post about a movie or television show from that time period - the intent of this challenge is to celebrate the time and to say good-by to Mad Men.
  7. In the below Linky, please enter your blog name and the book or film reviewed. The link should be directly to that post (please don't direct us back to your home page!)